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Perfect is a Myth

30 Apr




The above photos come from this Buzzfeed post about the workplaces of historically creative people.  As I looked through each photo, I was surprised to see such drastic differences between each space.  I was inspired when I realized how imperfect each space seems. 

There are so many times in which my idea of how things SHOULD be has kept me from moving forward with a goal or decision.  I, for example, would have sat in each one of those creative spaces and told myself, “I will write/ paint/ or create once I get my room organized/ clean/ or conducive to my process.”  This means I would have likely created NOTHING. Think about how this may be true for you.  How many times have you procrastinated a task because the conditions weren’t perfect?  In what ways have you stalled your growth because you didn’t have the perfect amount of free time to devote to that class/project/relationship/struggle?

It is important that we realize “perfect” is a myth.  The conditions to grow and change will never be perfect. The conditions will be messy and often inconvenient.  Are you going to let that stop you?

P.S. I found the Buzzfeed post via this wonderful blog.



18 Feb


Let’s be honest here, life can be rough.  And often it is just when you think you have the hang of things that some new frustration rears its ugly head. While we cannot predict or control much of what goes on around us, we do have the power to choose how to respond. 

It seems paradoxical, but by accepting the responsibility of choice in your life you can often experience an amazing sense of freedom.  Once we recognize that we almost always have some sort of choice in our circumstance, we no longer play the role of victims in our lives. We become empowered. 

The quote above can serve as a motto for those of us who seem to struggle with choice.  Print it, draw your own version, journal about it. Then hang it someplace where you will see it on a regular basis.  I would love to hear how you experience this change to your perspective!

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